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colour portrait of woman Toronto
Planning Your Session
Each photoshoot starts with a pre-session planning where we discuss your  expectations and design a theme for the photoshoot. 

Things we will specifically talk about:
style of your session (lifestyle, posed, candid etc.)
date & time
your outfit(s)
& more

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Preparing for Your Session
Questions to ask yourself: What does my dream outfit look like? How do I want to remember this special occasion as? What colours suit me the best? 

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a great starting point to help you plan your outfits. You can look in your closet, rent a few pieces, or borrow your faves from your friends. You can start here: 

Please come to your appointment with your skin completely clean and free of any cosmetics. Avoid getting an artificial tan or spray tan 1-2 weeks prior to your shoot. 
You should arrive to the studio with your hair freshly washed and completely dry. Please do not straighten your hair or put any products in it. If needed, please make sure your roots are touched up prior to your shoot.
Since hands play a very important role in your portrait, it’s best if your nails are trimmed with light or no polish and avoid designs or bright bold colours.
What to bring with yourself to your shoot
outfit you envisioned wearing
appropriate underwear to avoid visible lines, colours showing through
Any items or accessories you may have to make your session unique

child portrait in colour Mint Rooms, Toronto
The Day Of
The goal is to make you feel at home, at ease, and extremely comfortable. During the session, you will be directed and posed. Some poses could be a bit of a challenge, but don't worry we will make sure you look and feel good. 
Smiling with your eyes will enhance your images and bring them to life. It's pretty simple to do: relax your mouth and give a gentle, slight smile while slightly squinting your eyes. You will have an easier time doing this while you think of a happy memory or a loved one like your partner or child.
Hands are really important in a portrait image, and it is one of the hardest body parts to photograph. To achieve a gorgeous look, you will be asked to show "ballet hands". This simply means to relax your hands and bend your fingers ever so slightly to give your hand a beautiful curve. 
Pro tip: never squish your hand to your body or face even if you are directed to place your hand on your cheek 
black and white beauty portrait of a woman sitting on the floor Toronto

A pre-session style and concept consultation
A fully guided 1 hour long photo shoot with up to 2 looks at your choice of location*
Full magazine style retouching
A reveal and ordering session 
15 portraits delivered as digital files

A pre-session style and concept consultation
A fully guided 2 hour long photo shoot with up to 4 looks at your choice of location*
Full magazine style retouching
25 portraits delivered as digital files

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